The Trams of Lisbon, Portugal

| June 17, 2015
lisbon tram lee brown photography

Travel back in time on Lisbon’s trams

Wow, it has been a long time. Thanks to the few that have sent emails to see what I have been up to! Between my photography business, consulting, and travel, I have been running at 110% for a while now. My passion remains travel and Donna and I have continued our quest to see as much of the world as we can.

After spending a month in Italy last summer, we decided to head to Portugal this May in search of a less traveled destination. I am happy to report that the trip to beautiful Portugal exceeded our expectations on all fronts. Great sights, fabulous weather, and best of all, charming and friendly people. We traveled during the second half of May, starting in Lisbon followed by some beach time in the Algarve and a couple of days in the Alentejo wine region staying in the beautiful medieval town of Évora.

From a photography standpoint, one thing I loved about Lisbon was the potential to compose unspoiled street scenes. There are not many places where you can shoot and not get all the tourist trappings in your pictures. The challenge in shooting the trams was finding a composition that I liked and then waiting for the trams to come into place in the right light. I also wanted the photo to be void of cars or anyone on the bridge above, which added to the challenge. Fortunately, once I learned the time tables and found the locations, it was just a matter of patience to get the shots I wanted.

Above, using the beautiful bridge as a framing device, the image was about 95% as shot in camera. I had to remove a small car in the far distance to the right, scrub the metro logos from the tram, and remove some lettering from the left awning and a real estate banner on one of the buildings. The goal was to create an image that at least had the potential to transport the viewer back in time.

lisbon tram lee brown photography

Lisbon tram near dusk


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