Photos to Paint: April 2014

| April 8, 2014
The April 2014 Photos to Paint Challenge Photo

The April 2014 Photos to Paint Challenge Photo

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April’s Photos to Paint Challenge: Leah Looking for the Cheetah

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Long-time challenge participant Sylvia Young was kind enough to kick me in the pants to get another painting challenge posted. I am glad she did! Truth is, I continue to stay very busy on creative projects and I have also felt that I need more inspiring images for you to paint. I can guarantee that more images are coming soon as I will be visiting the Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland and Italy beginning in a few weeks. The low countries will be a first time visit for me. We are going to see the tulips and spend some time in Bruges, Haarlem and Amsterdam. On the way home, I will stop in Iceland for a few days and meet my son to photograph some of the awesome landscapes there. As for Italy, I have decided to stay for a month later this summer, partly for vacation with my family and partly to spend some quality time really learning the landscape and making images in a relaxed, at-my-own-pace, setting.

So, to tied you over while I am in the Netherlands and Belgium, I thought of an idea for April’s challenge. Let’s paint a picture of Leah. Who is Leah? She is an intern in Kenya studying to be a safari guide. She helped our experienced guide during our entire safari last September and, at one point, was looking for a cheetah on the Tanzania border. I captured this photograph of her looking for them while we stopped for a stretch. I plan to email a link of the submissions to our guide in Kenya so he can show her all of your awesome paintings. I really think she would be thrilled to know that others around the world have taken an interest in her dream of becoming a safari guide.

Take care!

Please use the form below to submit your painting by April 30. Your picture should be a high-quality jpg image that is at least 480 pixels along its longest dimension at 72 pixels per inch.

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