Barcelona Gothic Quarter: Pont dels Sospirs

| January 5, 2014

Pont dels Sospirs Barcelona Gothic Quarter Lee A Brown Photography

I sometimes become obsessed with a particular scene when I travel and the Pont dels Sospirs in the Barcelona Gothic Quarter was one that captivated me. The bridge was reminiscent of Venice’s Bridge of Sighs and it was miraculously positioned at a location with minimal commercial clutter and visual distractions. The instant I saw the Pont dels Sospirs, the entire scene transported me back to old Barcelona and I knew I had to make a photograph.

My vision was to photograph the bridge along with a hint of local life. So, with my goal in mind, I went back to the bridge at different times of the day to evaluate the quality of light and foot traffic. After six visits, I concluded that 8:00am was be the best time to photograph the bridge and fulfill my vision. At that time of day, locals seemed to be walking to work and tourists had not yet emerged from their beds and finished breakfast. My goal was to capture a local resident walking to work dressed in clothes that fit well with the overall feeling of the scene.

Upon arriving one morning at about 7:30am, I set up my tripod and camera and framed the shot while paying particular attention to the leading lines in the scene. At that point it was just a matter of waiting for the scene that I had visualized to emerge. After 15 to 20 minutes, I was extremely excited when the gentleman in the photo above walked into the view of my camera. He was perfectly dressed and clutching the morning paper with a messenger bag slung across his shoulder. Click.

By 8:45 the walkway under the bridge was too busy with locals and tourists alike so I gathered my equipment and made my way back to our apartment to have breakfast with my wife. I am very happy with the way this image turned out. The best part is looking at it and remembering that sleepy morning in old Barcelona surrounded by everything I love about Europe.

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  1. Great shot here, Lee, well worth the incredible efforts you took to capture it! I love the touch of artistic tension that the person introduces into your composition here. Great character and architecture, too!! Definitely a place I hope to visit at some point myself.