Photos to Paint: June 2013

| June 25, 2013
photos to paint challenge vermeer

The June 2013 Photos to Paint Challenge Photo

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June’s Photos to Paint Challenge: Painting Vermeer

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Thanks for your patience on this month’s Photo’s to Paint Challenge. I have been on a few photography assignments recently and am just getting around to posting June’s image. I guess this month’s challenge is a Paintings to Paint Challenge. I am fascinated with Vermeer’s work and I recently asked the Rijks Museum in the Netherlands if I could have a high resolution color calibrated file of Vermeer’s Milkmaid for my personal use. I wanted the high quality image so it could be printed on my large format pigment-based printer at actual size for display and study. Upon receiving my request, the museum kind enough to send me a 300 MB file full of unbelievable detail!

I have seen students paint from masters’ works to improve their skills and I thought this image, with all of its detail intact, would provide a good opportunity for you to do the same. I promised not to use the full file for anything but personal use so I am providing a high resolution section for you to study, enjoy, and paint. If you download the actual file, you will see all the wonderful detail in this section of the original painting. I think the milk jug makes a perfect subject and a great study! I am realy looking forward to seeing how other interpret this section of Vermeer’s Milkmaid.

Please use the form below to submit your painting by the middle . Your picture should be a high-quality jpg image that is at least 480 pixels along its longest dimension at 72 pixels per inch.

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Thanks as always for participating!

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