How to fix skin tone in Photoshop: Video tutorial

| May 16, 2013
fixing skin tone in photoshop

Before and after skin tone adjustment in Photoshop

I recently had an opportunity to take some prom portraits. While taking the portraits, I encountered a situation where my subject had used an artificial tanning product. She looked absolutely beautiful but I quickly noticed that her hand was significantly lighter than her arm. She likely washed the tanning product off of her hand after applying it. To avoid having her hand become be the center of attention in the photo, I had to perform a color correction in Photoshop. Fixing skin tone in Photoshop can be tricky so I created a video tutorial to help others fix similar problems in their images.

Fix skin tone in Photoshop easily and accurately

This 10-minute video tutorial will show you how to easily and accurately fix skin tone in Photoshop using a curves adjustment layer and its associated making layer. If you have never used curves or have been intimidated by them, you should watch this video. I break down the process of how to fix skin tone into easy to follow steps. In the end you will get a feel for how curves work, how to use a masking layer, and best of all, how improve your images.

Click here to watch on YouTube at full size.

With a little creativity, you can use what you learn in this video to fix more than skin tone in Photoshop. Say you want the color on the left side of a sky to match the color on the right. The principles taught on this video can be used to fix the that as well. I hope you enjoy the video and find it useful. If you think of other topics that would make good tutorials feel free to contact me by email and make a suggestion!

As I encounter techniques that improve my images, I will make more videos. If you would like to be notified by email when a new video tutorial is posted, just subscribe to Lee A. Brown Photography by email or my newly established YouTube channel.


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