The Galway Latin Quarter – Two Weeks in Ireland

| December 17, 2012
Galway Latin Quarter

A can’t resist scene in Galway’s Latin Quarter

About Galway Ireland

After our stop at the Cliffs of Moher we continued up the west coast of Ireland to Galway, a vibrant town of about 75,000 people and home to two universities. It is the sixth most populous city on the island. The reason we visited in Galway was to take in its pub culture, restaurants and nightlife, as well take advantage of its proximity to the Aran Islands. To truly experience Galway is to take in its energized street and nightlife in the Galway Latin Quarter. The Quarter has a wide selection of tasty and inexpensive places to eat complete with plentiful people-watching opportunities.

Do you think the case on the trolley above was a mobile flea market of sorts? Anyway, I could not resist taking a photo of the case and its keepers. I get a bit nervous doing street photography. I fear that I will get called out publicly to not take a photograph. Frankly, my fear seems justified when I get home and see a person in the shot looking directly at the camera. I am not sure what she was thinking but I somehow would want her to know that my intentions were pure, only directed at capturing the essence and diversity of Galway’s inhabitants in a journalistic fashion.

Galway Latin Quarter

A street performer in Galway’s Latin Quarter

The Galway Latin Quarter

As with many of Europe’s pedestrian malls, street music and performances were alive are well in the Galway Latin Quarter. I was especially intrigued by the harpist above. I have seen harpists in other cities in Europe and was always fascinated by the contrast of such a beautiful and expensive instrument set against the the harsh backdrop of cobblestones, a trash bin and hand-tossed change on the case. I always contribute before taking shots like this. It makes me feel better about taking the picture and I am happy to give something in return for the privilege of making the photograph.

Galway Latin Quarter

Late night pub crawling in Galway, Ireland

With the relatively large student population, Galway really comes alive at night. The growing intensity of the street and pub scene seemed almost like a crescendo at the night wore on. Walking Galway at night seemed very safe as everybody was out just to have a good time. Although the evening was cool, pubs were serving outdoors among the murmur of conversation and traditional Irish music emanating from the doors and windows of the pubs.

Galway Latin Quarter

Balancing act and music all in one in Galway, Ireland

I thought the four lads above were good performers. Although the balancing act seems a little gimmicky, I will admit it was pretty effective in garnering attention. I am not sure if it was the talent of the balancing itself or the thought of them slipping off of the poles during their traditional Irish music performances that captivated passers by. In the end, they could play, had put a lot of time into their routine, and that commanded respect from the audience.

Galway Latin Quarter

A theatrical outburst in Galway’s Latin Quarter

No, I was not exploiting a homeless person on the streets of Galway for the photograph above. The scene grew out of a live theatrical street performance intended to promote Galway’s local theater. If you look to her left, you can see her counterpart in full costume. This is how it rolls in Galway. It is a fun and engaging town that should be on your list if you find yourself on the west coast of Ireland.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about Galway Ireland and the Galway Latin Quarter. As I mentioned earlier, during our visit, we also explored the rugged Aran Islands, which are located at the mouth of Galway Bay. That’s up next as we continue out journey around the beautiful Emerald Isle.

Galway Latin Quarter

Galway’s vibrant nightlife in the Latin Quarter

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  1. ABarlow says:

    Man, what an awesome scene. Really hope one day I’ll get to go to that place. It’s tops on my list!

  2. Lee says:

    Thanks Aaron. It is an awesome place with 360 degrees of beauty!