The Dark Hedges of Ireland

| September 21, 2012
The Dark Hedges of Ireland

The Dark Hedges located in Armoy, Ireland

The Dark Hedges of Armoy Ireland

While staying in Bushmills, Northern Ireland, Donna and I took a quick 25 minute drive to a village called Armoy. Why? Well, among Armoy’s sprawling Irish farmland is a hedge of beech trees called the dark hedges that in unison create an astounding scene of beauty. The trees were planted in the 1700s as a compelling landscape feature to impress visitors as they approached the entrance to a Georgian mansion. Compelling they are! The scene as you see it in the photograph above is exactly as it seems. There are no parking lots filled with tour buses or hoards of meandering visitors. We simply drove up, pulled to the side of the road, and walked through the trees in complete tranquility. To the right were fields of the most intense green grasses you can imagine. And to the left were scores of huge rounds of bailed hay resting in freshly cut fields. You can see the bailed hay below. Frankly, I could have stared at the field of hay for hours. The rounds must have been six feet tall or more and there was something quite beautiful and peaceful about them.

hay bales

Why am I mesmerized by bailed hay? There is something quite beautiful about it!

Having been planted over 200 years ago, the dark hedges are quite tall as shown in the photo below. My understanding is that the hedge has protected status in Ireland and the government provides funding for the maintenance and preservation of the trees to ensure generations to come can enjoy one of the most fascinating natural phenomena in Northern Ireland.

Stay tuned for many more posts from Ireland. I will chronicle the trip so that you can enjoy some of the visual beauty of Ireland and contemplate your own visit to this beautiful place. Oh, and I promise to get a new painting challenge up this weekend that will be inspired by my trip to Ireland. I have a few photos that will be perfect!

Ireland Dark Hedges

A two-century old hedge of beech trees in Armoy, Ireland

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  1. ABarlow says:

    Man, what an awesome scene. Really hope one day I’ll get to go to that place. It’s tops on my list!

  2. Lee says:

    Thanks Aaron. It is an awesome place with 360 degrees of beauty!