Color vision test: How is your color vision?

| June 19, 2012
Color Vision Test

Test your color vision with X-Rite’s Color IQ Test

Color Vision Test

I use X-Rite products to color calibrate my monitors and found this nifty color vision test. It gives you four color bars to descramble based on hue. The color transitions are very subtle and it is harder than you would think to get them in perfect hue order. I took the test and after ten minutes of descrambling I clicked the “Score Test” button and got a perfect score. As artists it is important to tune our ability to see color for a host of important reasons. I really had to study each square to the next and determine if it was closer to one end of the spectrum or the other. Some positions were especially difficult to place just one to the left or right. Go ahead. Give it a go and comment back how you did!

Here is the link to the test:

Color Vision Test

Thank goodness. I can see color!

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  1. Hi Lee, I got 20. I am female and 69. I know I have a lot of trouble distinguishing value from color. I usually have to look through a red plastic filter to tell that the yellow I thought was really a light color is a medium value.

  2. Terry says:

    That was fun. I got a 12.