Bird Photography: Baby Bluebirds Arrive

| May 27, 2012
Bird Photography: Baby Bluebirds

Our baby bluebirds have arrived!

Exciting Development for my Bird Photography

Since there were so many comments on my last bluebird post (Helping Bluebirds Nest), I thought you all might like a quick update on the status of the nest. I am happy to report that my bird photography has reached new levels of excitement with the arrival of baby bluebirds. Interestingly enough, we also have baby robins about ten feet away in a spruce tree. They are at about the same stage of development as these bluebirds.

Bird Photography: Bluebird Eggs

The eggs from where two of our bluebirds came

Above are two of the bluebird eggs from the clutch of four that we apparently ended up with. The behaviors have been interesting to watch during the nesting process. Presently, the male bluebird stays perched on one of our gutters overlooking the nest. When I went to take the photo of the babies, he made a clicking sound for a little while and then flew above me to shoo me off. The robin sits on another gutter overlooking the their nest. The sparrows seem to swoop around the nesting sites but the bluebirds have been diligent about protecting the nest and have kept them at bay.

It will be interesting to see where things go from here. I have to be careful not to open the bluebird box too close to when the babies can fly as they would be at risk of flying out of the box too early. I imagine I still have a little time yet but will be leaving them alone very soon. If anyone has any experience at this stage I would love to hear about it.

Bird Photography: Female Bluebird

The mother of our bluebirds

And finally, directly above if the mother of the babies. This photo was taken just before she began laying the eggs. I am thrilled that things are working our for these beautiful birds! Have a great Memorial Day and happy bird photography!

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