Induro Monopod with Really Right Stuff MH-01 Head

| January 21, 2012
induro monopod with rrs mh 01

Induro CM-34 Monopod with Really Right Stuff MH-01 Monopod Head

This post covers how well the Really Right Stuff MH-01 monopod head mounts to an CM-34 Induro  monopod. Sure, I could have  purchased the Really Right Stuff monopod for infallible design, quality and compatibility but I have heard good things about Induro and decided to give one a try. At about $150, the induro CM-34 is a fair bit less expensive than the $330 Really Right Stuff MC-34 monopod. Although Really Right Stuff is my go to place for camera support, I wanted to keep an open mind to other brands and document my experience.

About the induro monopod CM-34

Carbon 8X CM-Series Induro monopods offer ultra-light support in tight spaces or for stability and mobility. I will be in a small photo blind at the Klamath Falls Wildlife refuge next week making pictures of eagles and I have decided that this monopod and head will be my primary support. As shown above, I am taking my Canon 5D Mark II mounted to my 300mm f/2.8 Canon lens, which has a combined weight of about 10 pounds.

The Induro CM-Series monopods are made with magnesium alloy components and 8X layer Carbon Fiber tubing, which induro claims is 60% stronger overall than conventional carbon fiber tubing. As a result, CM-series Induro monopods have up to twice the load capacity of earlier models. My CM-34 also came with a belt mount monopod holster. I feel quite confident putting several thousand dollars of camera gear on this monopod considering its build quality and stability under a significant load. The MH-01 head and the CM-34 Induro monopod weigh a very light 2.03 pounds. If you would like to see the CM-34 in more detail, hop on over to induro for close ups of the leg locks and other features.

induro on really right stuff mh 01 head

Great fitment between the induro CM-34 and Really Right Stuff MH-01

As shown above, the Really Right Stuff MH-01 monopod head mounts quite nicely to the Induro CM-34. This makes me happy. I did not want a setup that did not look like it belonged together. The CM-34 has an included 1/4- and 3/8-inch head mounting screw for the monopod head of your choice. The Really Right Stuff MH-01 required the 3/8 inch side of the mounting screw. Once test fitted to the CM-34, I used Loctite Blue to secure the head mounting screw to both the Induro monopod and the head. The last thing I wanted was my heavy camera setup coming loose and spinning wildly in the field. For added security, the CM-34 has a set screw on the underside of the head mounting plate that can be tightened with an included allen wrench to lock the monopod head in place.

really right stuff mh 01 monopod head

The Really Right Stuff MH-01 monopod head

Above is a closeup of the Really Right Stuff MH-01 monopod head. As with everything I have purchased from Really Right Stuff, the product is beautifully designed and functions flawlessly. Why did I not try an induro head on the CM-34? I have determined that mounting plate sizes vary ever so slightly by manufacturer. By sticking with Really Right Stuff quick release and camera plates, I do not have to worry about making minor adjustments in the field. Plus, I liked the design of this head and prefer it to the ball style head that Induro sells.

Overall I am very pleased with the quality of the CM-34 Induro monopod and like that the MH-01 mounts perfectly on it. I am looking forward to using this setup in the field next week and reporting on the performance of this setup when I return.

PS: I received no compensation or free products in connection with this post.

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