A fun day on 500px.com

| December 6, 2011

"Venezia I" on 500px.com

I have posted 27 of my photographs to 500px.com and they have slowly been gaining traction. I was going through my photo archive last week looking for a new photo to post when I found one of my favorites from our trip to Venice in 2009. While walking back to our hotel, which was away from the tourist crush on the lagoon, I was captivated by the light coming from around the corner of the canal and snapped this picture. I loved the solitude among the chaos and the old worn beauty of the buildings that Venice so richly provides.

Well anyway, I made a few adjustments, titled the photo “Venezia I,” and posted it to 500px.com. I was surprised the next morning when Venezia was in second position on the 500px.com popular page with over 1,000 views! It never made number one but it did bounce in the top row all day long and ended up with over 3,000 views for the day.

As artists, it is gratifying when others have an emotional response to our work. In a way, I feel like the same sense of moment that stopped me in my tracks was somehow communicated in my work for others to appreciate. I feel it is really the most flattering compliment I can get as an artist. With that in mind, I want to thank everyone again for visiting ADNW. Your participation in my artistic journey has enriched my pursuit and for that I am deeply appreciative.

If you would like to see my portfolio on 500px.com just click this LINK. Take some time to see the work of other photographers on the site. There are many talented artists that post there, which may serve as inspiration for your own work.

LINK to my portfolio on 500px.com

Just shy of top position on 500px.com

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  1. LeavesOfCrimson says:

    What a beautiful photo, Lee. I am not surprised that it topped on your new site. Looks like a quality bunch of photographers over there!

  2. Randy Saffle says:

    Your photos look amazing in a group. Very impressive. You truly see the world with appreciative and artistic eyes.
    Thank you for sharing them and taking me there with you.
    The things you have seen…

  3. A.Barlow says:

    Ah nice man, I’ll have to add you to my list later. really like that site, I should do more with it really.

  4. Lee says:

    Sherry, Randy and Aaron – thanks for stopping by and for the kind comments!

  5. nancy herman says:

    Wow beautiful pictures. Almost makes me want to get on a plane. Almost.

  6. Lee–would you consider posting this photo of the canal for your next painting challenge. I would love, love, love to paint it!!