November Challenge Sketch – Azay le Rideau

| November 20, 2011

11x14 inch sketch of Azay le Rideau on Gessobord

Here the sketch I will use to paint Azay le Rideau for the November ADNW challenge. To make the sketch, I first drew a 1-inch grid overlay on top of the reference photo using Photoshop. To keep things simple, I printed the gridded photo at actual size, which is 11 x 14. I then drew a 1-inch grid on my 11 x 14 Gessobord ground using a ruler and small T-square. At that point, all I had to do was sketch the chateau to the Gessobord using the 1-inch gridded photo as my reference. As long as I drew the correct lines in the right box, my sketch would be drawn in the right proportions and perspective. Once I finished sketching, I used a kneaded eraser to erase as much of the grid from the Gessobord as possible. Before moving forward, I must spray the surface with a workable fixative so I don’t wipe away my sketch when I start to paint!

Gridded printout reference for Azay le Rideau sketch

When I start painting, I plan to first tone the Gessobord with a very pale yellow. The pale yellow will serve as my brightest lights, which is where the sun is the most intense on the chateau in the photo. The transparency of the toning combined with the white primer should allow the lights to reflect back and pop against the progressively darker areas as I paint them in. We shall see!

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  1. LeavesOfCrimson says:

    This will be gorgeous, Lee. I can’t wait to see more of it!

  2. Jenni Twidle says:

    Never having painted anything architectural before, I am very excited about this challenge,and more than a little overwhelmed!!! At the moment I fancy pen and wash , but we shall see. I shall draft it out first and then decide.

  3. A.Barlow says:

    Can’t wait to see how this turns out. Looks like you got it down.

  4. Lee says:

    Thanks everyone for visiting. Always appreciate your comments!