The Doors and Windows of Roussillon

| October 24, 2011
roussillon doors france

A rather artistic garage door in Roussillon, France

While Donna and I were staying in the the popular hilltop village of Roussillon in the south of France, we took a stroll down the back streets to look for interesting windows and doors to photograph. Ahhh, it would be hard to invent such textures and finishes! The surfaces were worn, discolored, and cracked…and they were gorgeous. I am not sure who owned the garage door in the photo above but it was captivating. I will just assume that it belongs to an interesting person!

I tried taking a shot of the door in sunlight but I did not like it as well. All I really wanted was to capture the subtleties of the surfaces and and the harsh sunlight seemed to distract from that goal. Remember to go back and shoot something more than once. Your subject may look better at different times of the day. This is why I like to stay put in certain places for a few days. It gives me an opportunity to get to know an area well and how the light works. While in Venice a couple of years ago, I would return to a favorite spot up to five times to try and get the shot and light I wanted.

roussillon doors france

Classic blue shutters in Provence

These blue shutters were everywhere in Provence and they harmonized extremely well with the stone and masonry surfaces of the buildings they adorned. Yes please, I will take the cracked paint just the way you see it here. The shutters truly belong on that building with its array of beautiful imperfections.

roussillon doors france

A friend we found along the way

We saw quite a few cats laying around on our walk and I could not resist snapping a picture of this one taking a break on a nice stone bench. The weather was close to 80 degrees Fahrenheit that day and I bet the bench took a bit of the edge off of the nice summer day.

roussillon doors france

More interesting doors in Roussillon, France

The scene above is one I liked in the harsh sunlight. This elements looked distinctly Provencal to me with the arched openings, flags and flower covered balcony. The homes and shops in Roussillon are brightly colored for a good reason. The structures of Roussillon feature various shades of ocher found naturally in the surrounding rock. Below is a shot of the an ocher cliff, which was just outside our hotel. Yep, that’s the ocher that makes pigments for paint. Isn’t the color stunning?

ochre cliffs of roussillon france

The famous ocher cliffs of Roussillon

Roussillon is famous for the rich deposits of ochre pigments found in the clay near the village. The large quarries of Roussillon were mined from the end of the eighteenth century until 1930. Thousands of people found work in the quarries and factories. Nowadays the mining of ocher is prohibited here, in order to protect the sites from degradation or even complete destruction. (Source: Wikipedia)

door in provence

I can’t remember where I found this door in France

And finally, couple more doors that were rich with details, texture and style. Feel free to paint any of these scenes if you like. All I ask is that you please post a link back to if you post your work on the web. Thanks!

doors roussillon france

Perfectly aged entrance in Roussillon, France

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