A New Day in Provence

| September 30, 2011
gordes france provence sunrise

A new day dawns over Gordes, France

When viewing my photographs, some people say, “Were the colors really that bright?” That is a legitimate question, right? I believe that the eye needs to be trained to see color in the natural landscape. How many times have you been mesmerized by the presence of a landscape and did not stop to ask yourself why? The brain takes in what we see, and our past experiences, desires and personal preferences inspire an emotional response. My response is likely to be different than yours. I suppose that displaying this photography is my attempt to evoke a similar response in someone else while accepting that it may be motivated by something completely different. Whew! I hope this makes sense to someone!

I can say with firm conviction that through the process of learning to paint and take photographs, my eye, or brain that is, has become much more sensitive to color. It was almost like a light switch went on for me. So, when I shoot and process a photograph, I attempt to recreate an impression. Specifically, the impression I experienced when I was there and all the color and detail that comes with it.

As I stood atop a large rock overlooking the village of Gordes, the sun set the Provencal landscape ablaze with color as the new day dawned over Gordes, France. It is no surprise the impressionists were called to Provence to create some of the world’s most recognizable works.

Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) spent his youth near this place in Aix-en-Provence. There are few painters that dealt so fully with the landscape and the people of the area. He conducted a symphony of landscape elements in his works that were inspired by the hills and mountains of Provence and how their forms shimmered and came alive with color in the sun.

This photograph is my impression of that calm and quite morning as the sun bathed the Provencal landscape. The colors the sun is able to amplify in the landscape of Provence is truly special. I witnessed the effect on a number of occasions during the week Donna and I visited the area. I have tried to bring a piece of that experience back for you. Nothing will replace the glory of experiencing it first hand but I feel this image attempts to transport you this time and place. This was my impression. Enjoy!

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    Oh my! Truly a shame! (Sorry for not commenting earlier, Lee. For some reason, Blogger isn’t updating the blog roll on my blog with the latest posts until two days later!)

  2. Lol. This is another reason to stay away from old buildings. Poor Audi. Hope it was insured. 😉