Summer Travel Preview: Provence, France

| March 10, 2011

Near the Ile Saint Louis, Paris

Since it was this time last year that I posted about our plans to go to Switzerland, I thought it was about time to let you in on our plans for this summer. I got the itch last week and am excited to report that France will be our destination. I am still in the throws of pulling the itinerary together but things are shaping up nicely.

Getting free air via United directly to Paris was tough. They wanted 110,000 frequent flier miles each for Donna and I to fly into Paris so I decided to fly into Geneva instead. That is close to France right? I was able to get the tickets for 55,000 miles each plus $110 in fees. What a deal! If you don’t have a miles card I highly recommend you get one. We charge everything on ours and pay it off each month. When we add the card miles to the travel I do for business, we can go virtually anywhere for almost free. I am sending my son and his soon to be wife to Maui for their honeymoon. Yep, for free on frequent flier miles.

The plan, as it sits right now, is to fly to Geneva and hop immediately on a train to Paris. We will only stay one night in Paris. I want to reshoot the area around the Ile Saint Louis, including Notre Dame. Plus, since we have been kicking ourselves for not visiting the Orsay Museum on our last trip, we are planning to go there as well. The Orsay is full of Impressionist paintings that are surely to brighten our day while we are there.

After visiting the Orsay and grabbing lunch on the island near our hotel, we will catch a train to Tours, France. Tours is in the Loire Valley where world famous chateaus are located. I have booked a manor house at a small chateau for a three-night stay. We will rent a car so we can freely visit and shoot the chateaus and surrounding area at our leisure.

Now on to Provence. From Tours, we will grab a train to Avignon for a couple of nights. We will rent another car in Avignon and drive to Nice for three nights, and then on to Cassis for three more. Having the car will enable us to visit a few charming villages, take a day trip to Monaco and whatever else suits our fancy. From Cassis, we will take a train back to Geneva for a one night stay before flying home. The trip will be a total of 14 days.

I am planning to put our Switzerland itinerary online from last year due to a number of requests. I will also plan to post this France itinerary if it works well.

I need more challenge photos and I am sure this will be an incredible way to get them! Stay tuned!

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  1. AutumnLeaves says:

    Oh my! Truly a shame! (Sorry for not commenting earlier, Lee. For some reason, Blogger isn’t updating the blog roll on my blog with the latest posts until two days later!)

  2. Lol. This is another reason to stay away from old buildings. Poor Audi. Hope it was insured. 😉