Ballenberg Museum: Swiss Chalet

| March 20, 2011
chalet ballenberg open air museum

A moment of light at the Ballenberg Museum, Switzerland

As the wind swept the clouds across the sky, the fleeting sunlight illuminated the landscape for a brief but glorious moment. I don’t always know what attracts me to a scene, I just feel it. This photo was one of those occasions when I looked up and and clicked the shutter without thinking. The drama of the clouds and mountainous backdrop combined with the sun kissed foreground and chalet to inspire a moment of beauty for me.

The shot looked painterly to me so that is the way it was processed. This piece is made up of three bracketed shots from -2EV (exposure value) to +2EV. This enabled me to process the full dynamic range of the scene. Nothing was left on the table as they say. Once I merged the three exposures and made basic adjustments, I applied a few plugins in Photoshop including Topaz Adjust and Topaz Simplify. As I have said before, I never quite know where I will end up in some cases but I like how this one turned out. This unique light existed for no more that a second or two and I am glad I was there to experience its splendor!

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  1. AutumnLeaves says:

    I’d be like you, Lee – not wanting to miss a beat. That second photo is especially exquisite!

  2. Lee says:

    That’s the spirit Sherry. I totally agree!