Travel Photo: Swiss Barn on the Blumental Trail

| February 27, 2011
swiss barn on the blumental trail switzerland

A beautiful Swiss barn on the Blumental Trail in Switzerland

The day we arrived in Murren, Switzerland, the weather was a little unsettled. Clouds were making their way over the Alps causing unpredictable bursts of rain. Without a care, we grabbed our umbrellas, donned our rain-ready windbreakers, and headed out for a hike on the Blumental Trail. Blumental means flower. How could we resist? After hiking up the hills behind Murren for about 30 minutes, we came across this beautiful barn. I loved the lush green foreground surrounding the barn with the drama of the Alps and sky in the background. This is what I felt and saw and I am happy I have enough image data from my camera to share it with you.

This is a very difficult image to grab with a single shot. The sky was very bright and the shadows on the front of the barn were pretty dark. Equipped with my travel tripod, I took three exposures to bring home with me. One was a “normal” exposure and the other two were two stops lower and higher. In the end, I blended the best two shots together with Photoshop. One exposure had all the foreground detail and values I needed and the other had the beautiful detail in the sky without blown out clouds.

I love going back through these images. They put me back in the moment every time and make me want to catch a plane and start exploring all over again!

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  1. AutumnLeaves says:

    I’d be like you, Lee – not wanting to miss a beat. That second photo is especially exquisite!

  2. Lee says:

    That’s the spirit Sherry. I totally agree!