Name the Location, Win an Artist Apron

| January 29, 2011

Abstract treatment of a famous landmark. Can you name it?

I was going back through a few of my shots today trying to discover something interesting to present. The piece above was taken from a shot that I did not like as a whole. Instead of throwing it away, I decided to crop a portion of it and use the shapes and elements of light to create something artsy and abstract. After merging three shots into an HDR tonemapped image, I used Topaz and OneOne Photoshop filters to create the final look. It was convenient that the violet and yellow were available in the tonemapped image for a nice dose of complementary colors. I think the red adds some pizzaz and the splashes of light polishes thing up with a little bit of drama. What do you think? I think the moral of the story here is don’t trow away an image on your first impression. Dig a little deeper and try to make something interesting anyway!

Oh, and take a guess where the location was for this shot. If you are right and the first to do so, I just may send you a free ADNW artist apron for you efforts. Have a great weekend!

UPDATE: Neil from Switzerland got it right! I have revealed the original photo below. Thanks for guessing!

Beijing's Bird's Nest on a warm September night

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  1. Dude I have no clue lol. I don’t travel much. Just how famous is this?

    Looks like Sydney or Disney or something. Let’s see…staircases and weird beams. Hmm.

    Looking forward to seeing what people come up with on this one!

  2. Nancie says:

    Oh, it’s a subway map of the underground tracks in New York City, of course! LOL!! Seriously, I don’t know – but the image is captivating!

  3. Linda Nickles says:

    All the angles make me think of the Eiffel Tower.

  4. Judi says:

    Looks like Space Mountain at Disney Land in California. Final answer!!

  5. neil says:

    Hi Lee, looks to me like part of the olympic Stadium in Beijing? greetz Neil

  6. Lee says:

    You got it Neil! Thanks to everyone for playing along. Looks like an apron is on its way to Switzerland!