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| November 10, 2010
The new ADNW portfolio cards from Moo.com

The new ADNW portfolio cards from Moo.com

I decided that if I am going to hand out business cards I might as well hand out my work. I call them portfolio cards and I got them from Moo.com. Moo lets you print as many as 50 different images on the front of your cards and a single image on the back. The back of my cards has my contact information. I designed my cards using Moo’s downloadable Adobe Illustrator template because it allowed me to design exactly what I wanted. Don’t worry if you don’t have Illustrator because you can also use Moo’s friendly web interface to design your cards without extra software.

The weight of the paper is impressive and the cards are laminated with a silky smooth satin finish that is very classy. What’s more, Moo ships your cards in a very nice black box that promises to keep them fresh and crispy.

You can order additional card holders if you want something smaller to slip in your pocket or purse. I opted for their nifty hard plastic holder for mine. It holds about 15 cards and fans out to display your wares to the amazement of your future clients. Since the holder is made precisely to fit the cards, they will always stay looking nice and ready to impress. All in, I spent about $78 for 200 cards and the additional card holder.

Think of having all your favorite photos or paintings on your cards ready to show. Don’t just hand out your contact information, give your prospective clients a high quality reproduction of your work to remember you by.

Moo's card holder fans out to the amazement of your next client

Moo’s card holder fans out to the amazement of your next client

I do not receive any compensation to post about Moo’s products. I just like the product! See the goods at Moo.com.


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  1. This is so cool and worth the money for what you are getting. The problem for you is, your potential clients will want more than one! I am crossing my fingers for a new camera, but not holding my breath as I just purchased the big screen desk top Mac (love,love). I will be lucky to get Aperture… We have six kids and Christmas shopping is about to begin. And I’m still not sure what shooting RAW is.. But I’m guessing it is taking all the automatic controls off…and using an SLR lens …? I will go see if you answered that question earlier…