Photos to Paint: November 2010

| November 6, 2010
November 2010 Painting Challenge Photo

November 2010 Painting Challenge Photo

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November’s Photos to Paint Challenge

From my trip to Venice just over a year ago, here is November’s Photos to Paint challenge photo. There are so many nooks and crannies in Venice that you can actually find a place or two without any people. Sorry, but nothing like a modern tourist to ruin the shot. Myself included! I found shooting the canals a bit challenging from a composition perspective. I liked this one because the shorter buildings in the distance allowed the photo to open up a bit. Of course the the paved pathway and bridge leading my eye into the picture also motivated me to take the shot

Please use the form below to submit your painting by the last day of November. Your picture should be a high-quality jpg image that is at least 480 pixels along its longest dimension at 72 pixels per inch.

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Let me know by comment if you need anything else! Thanks as always for participating. I look forward to seeing what you do with my pictures!

Have fun,

Copyright notice: This photo may be used to create derivative works in the form of drawings or paintings. The photo may not be used in any other commercial or non-commercial form without permission.

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Comments (4)

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  1. I just so love this shot. The sweep of the curved bridge into the beautifully colored buildings. Busy time of year, and I’m in the middle of a painting class, but I really want to squeeze this in. How do I see the paintings people have done. I will go explore and try to figure that out. Well, I think I’ve commented myself out this morning while drinking my coffee. Thank you for these relaxing moments.

  2. I found the painting challenges. Stunning work over the past few months. Hope to join in soon.

  3. Dana Cooper says:

    Oh my gosh Lee, I can’t believe I almost missed this one! Venice is on of my favorite cities…hope to get to this in the next couple of days…yikes!!

  4. Lee says:

    Glad you caught it in time Dana. Always a pleasure to have you submit a painting!