Clouds Over South Park, Colorado

| November 7, 2010
Massive cloud formations near South Park Colorado

Massive cloud formations near South Park Colorado

I feel like this shot captures the classic Colorado landscape. I am often in awe of the expansive mountain prairie in Colorado and have wanted to capture it’s essence with my camera for a while. Frankly, it is hard to do it justice. I struggle many times to bring home a picture that accurately conveys the feeling that I have in the presence of such scenery. This shot, however, seems to work for a couple of reasons. First the sky is playing nice. It is full of visual interest and provides some nice perspective cues to help communicate the depth of the scene. I placed it to take up the lion’s share of the composition because it held the most interest for me. The foreground and distant mountains in the lower third are decorated nicely with varied value and texture that contrasts nicely with the smooth gradations and puffy nature of the clouds. The bushes seem to create pleasant perspective lines that point to the distant mountains and they break up the mass of grassy field without creating a distraction from the other elements of the photo.

I think it is good to post analyze your photos. I took the picture for a reason and the motivations to take it may have been subconscious. Trying to further understand why I took the picture in retrospect will help me identify opportunities in the field that are not so apparent.


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  1. Perry says:

    Great shot Lee!

  2. Lee says:

    Thanks Perry. I thought you might like this one particularly since I found myself thinking about your paintings while I was out there. You have done a great job of capturing this mood in your work! See Perry’s work at