Tough Choices at Bern’s Münster

| October 7, 2010
The Last Judgment Portal at Bern Münster

The Last Judgment Portal at Bern Münster

One of the more striking features of Bern’s Münster is the depiction of the Last Judgment over the main portal, which contains more than 200 carved wood and stone figures. Justice is in the center with angels and the Wise and Foolish Virgins to each side. Above is the Archangel Michael bearing a sword and scales. It is not hard to conclude that the saved are on the left and the damned are on the right. Interesting how visitors are forced to choose a door on either side. Could the open door on the right be temptation’s seductive calling for us to choose unwisely? Sorry, I try not to get too philosophical on the blog but I could not resist on this one!

I had to almost lay on the ground to get this shot. There was a gate right behind me, leaving a relatively small area for me to get an unobstructed shot of the entry. I went as wide as possible, squared up the frame and shot my brackets. I think this actually turned out pretty nice with the powerful lines thrusting upward. If you click here to see the full resolution image in a new window, you can see a lot more detail in the sculptures and decoration.


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