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| October 27, 2010
A typical kitchen in the hutong district of Beijing

A typical kitchen in the hutong district of Beijing

About a week ago I posted a few images of the drivers of the hutong rickshaw in Beijing. Tonight I am posting images from one of our stops in town. They are of a typical courtyard residence in Beijing’s hutong district. It is common for some families in the hutong district open their homes so visitors can get a sense of daily life in the old town of Beijing. This was the second home I have visited in the hutong district. The last home I visited was occupied by an artist whose family had lived in the home for more than 150 years. His home was a little tidier than this one but the rooms were very similar.

The residence pictured here had several rooms in separate structures that together formed an inner courtyard. While Donna and our guide chatted with the owner in the courtyard, I made the rounds with my camera so I could bring back a few images for ADNW readers.

Beijing Hutong Bedroom

Beijing Hutong Bedroom

The room above was for one of the children in the family. Below is a street view leading up to the home we visited. Not all areas of the hutong are as rough as area depicted in the photo. In general, the streets are in better condition than when I visited just over a year ago. My guess is that tourism since the Beijing Olympics has continued to help rejuvenate the area. Some of the homes are completely restored and are quite beautiful. Some, however, show the toll that time has taken on them. Fortunately the Chinese government is working to preserve some of the old areas of Beijing. In many cases the villages have been flattened to make way for the roads and modern buildings that are often associated with economic progress.

A Street in Beijing's Hutong District

A Street in Beijing’s Hutong District

I would not call these the most beautiful images I have ever produced but there is a dose of reality here that I felt was worth sharing. Although I really like the beautiful places I have visited, I do enjoy cultural experiences that go beyond typical tourist boundaries. I feel that these experiences help me gain an appreciation for and an understanding of people and places that are not a part of my daily life.

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  1. These photos leave me with the wish to see more. Thank you.