A Stroll in Montreux on Lake Geneva

| October 13, 2010
The view from our balcony in Old Montreux

The view from our balcony in Old Montreux

After our four glorious days in the Berner Oberland, we headed to Montreux on Lake Geneva. Montreux was a fun town and Lake Geneva was very beautiful with it’s sparkling alpine lake and views. We stayed in a funky and nice hotel called the Tralala in the old town, which is up the hill about ten minutes from the lake. Since Montreux is the home of the famous Montreux Jazz Festival, our hotel embraced its culture by displaying larger-than-life pictures and murals of famous performers on the walls and by playing a wide variety of music in the hallways until bedtime. Our room was blessed with a huge picture of David Bowie. Not quite who I am used to waking up with but the character of the hotel made our stay all that more fun.

We went from speaking German in Berner Oberland to speaking French in Montreux. The languages were not a significant barrier anywhere we visited and the people were always very friendly. We had French and traditional Swiss dinners in Montreux at small restaurants recommended by the hotel. They were only a few steps away on the dimly lit streets of the old town.

A shot of Lake Geneva on our walk to Chateau de Chillion

A shot of Lake Geneva on our walk to Chateau de Chillion

On the topic of food in Switzerland, it is out of this world expensive but universally well prepared. Just take what you think you would typically pay for a meal and double it. And, according to folks that live in Switzerland, that is just how it is. These are not just tourist prices, they are everyone’s prices. Breakfast was usually included by the hotels, which was nice. The dinners in Montreaux were about $120 for the two of us. Add that to $30 for a couple of sandwiches and Cokes for lunch and you are dropping $150 to $175 per day for food. But hey, where else can you see unspoiled natural landscapes that are beyond belief?

A bright and sunny hotel on Lake Geneva's lakefront

A bright and sunny hotel on Lake Geneva’s lakefront

One of the main attractions in Montreux besides the Jazz Festival is the Chateau de Chillon. We reached the Chateau via a pleasant 40-minute walk along the lake. The lakefront has a wonderful walking path that is generously lined with an incredibly diverse array of flowers and botanic specimens from all over the world. With the pristine lake and the alps as a backdrop, Donna an I really enjoyed walking Montreux. It looked like many others were enjoying it as well. People of all shapes, sizes and nationalities were strolling with us living up the views and pleasant weather. During our walk to the Chateau, we admired the steep hillsides surrounding the lake, which were peppered with hotels and houses sporting fanciful Parisian architecture.

Classic Parisian architecture in Montreux

Classic Parisian architecture in Montreux

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  1. AutumnLeaves says:

    I’d be like you, Lee – not wanting to miss a beat. That second photo is especially exquisite!

  2. Lee says:

    That’s the spirit Sherry. I totally agree!