Tales from the Road – Junk in Hong Kong Harbor

| September 19, 2010
A hot and humid day in Hong Kong Harbor

A hot and humid day in Hong Kong Harbor

It is unbelievably hot and humid in Hong Kong today so am glad we did not have any plans to go out for a long sight seeing excursion. I shot this during the brief period we went out this afternoon. There aren’t many of these junk boats in the Hong Kong Harbor anymore. This one, which can be chartered for a healthy sum, happened to be making its way toward me as we were going back to the hotel. I had to run down Avenue of the Stars to get this shot. Thankfully it worked out. It looked like I had taken a shower by the time I was done! The thick atmosphere actually helped me out here by allowing the boat to pop out against the busy background. I also like how the shot indicates how thick the humidity is hanging in the air today. I am in for meetings tomorrow and a flight to Beijing. I think there will be some great painting challenges ahead!


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  1. I made this picture my desktop wallpaper. Unbelievable! That tall building looks JUST like the one Batman jumped off in Dark Knight…they filmed that scene in Hong Kong, you know.

  2. Lee says:

    Thanks Martyn. Glad I could help spruce up your desktop a bit. I forgot about Batman. Thanks for reminding me!

  3. Oh you should NEVER forget about Bruce Wayne. đŸ˜€