Tales from the Road – Hong Kong Harbor

| September 17, 2010
Hong Kong Harbor from the Peak Sky Terrace

Hong Kong Harbor from the Peak Sky Terrace

After getting getting my business done in China over the past few days, Donna and I made our way over to Hong Kong Island this evening. The goal was to get sunset and twilight shots of Hong Kong Harbor from the Peak Sky Terrace. After a short tram ride to the Terrace, we staked out a good spot to capture the city lights as they lit up. As you can see, the scale of this city is amazing. Almost seven-million people live here and everything goes straight up! For those timid about traveling to Asia, Hong Kong is a great way to introduce yourself to this fascinating place. Language is not problem, the local people are quite nice, and the sights are incredible!

Well, it is getting pretty late so I need to wrap this up quickly tonight. I hope you all had a great week and have a good weekend!


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  1. “Language is not a problem.” What do you mean by that?

    China’s really looking modern. I didn’t know it looked that nice over there. Wow!

  2. Fantastic! Although, I have a feeling this is prettier at night than during the day. I will have to try to go to our small downtown and take a few night shots. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Lee says:

    Hi Martyn. I mean that almost everyone we meet speaks English. So getting directions and ordering food is easy! I think China is a place of extremes. The outlying areas can be pretty primitive but the cities are very modern and huge!

    Thanks Margaret. Hong Kong is a beautiful city by day too. Very clean for the number of people that live here. There are some run down areas but that seems to be the exception rather than the norm based on what I see.

  4. Mike Hardisty says:

    Hong Kong is a brilliant city and has so much to photograph. Every time I visit there I go through loads of memory cards. That city and harbour view from the peak must be one of the most photographed spots ever taken. It just lends itself to a good photograph, day or night as long as there is not too much smog, which can be a problem sometimes.