High Noon at Milan Station

| September 5, 2010
trains at mailan station

High Noon at Milan Station

Fast Trains at Milan Station

How convenient that the clock was wrong when I took this shot in Milan’s central train station last week. It was actually about 2:30pm. In Switzerland this would never happen but in Italy you never know! Donna and I were waiting for our train to Lake Como when I decided to get the camera out and take a few shots in the station. I wanted to capture the grittiness of the station and of course the fantastic colors and concentric lines in the glass roof. It is pretty tough to get a shot like this in the middle of the day in Milan. I stood there with the camera and tripod set up for about 15 minutes and got a few interesting looks as people walked by.  Fortunately, at the right moment, the train on the left was all ready to go with passengers on board and the one on the right was waiting for new passengers but had not been assigned to the board yet. The only person in the shot actually helped my idea for this photo because she has a nice edge to her that works well with the theme of the photograph. Also, the idea of the two fast trains getting ready to duke it out at high noon seemed appropriate for the shot as well. I love it when all the elements come together!

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  1. AutumnLeaves says:

    Wow, Lee! I am just awed by the lines and perspective in this beautiful photo! The colors and lines of the trains are gorgeous too, but that roof! Amazing and oh so beautiful!!

  2. Jean Nelson says:

    A futuristic ‘spaghetti western” !?! Great Shot, Lee.

  3. This almost looks surreal. Love the colors and the patterns, and capturing the 2 trains as you did – priceless! Fantastic work Lee, as always!

  4. Lee says:

    Thanks ladies. Glad you like the shot. I was thinking about this shot for a year. Were were at Milan Station last summer on our way to Venice and I loved the photographic possibilities. This time I was prepared with the right equipment!

  5. Excellent image and processing. Well done.
    Found you on Spotting.

  6. Lee says:

    Thanks for stopping by Louis. I appreciate the feedback and look forward to checking out your blog. Always fun to meet other HDR enthusiasts!