Travel Photo- Grace Cathedral

| August 1, 2010

Grace Cathedral in San Francisco

A couple of months ago I was taking long walk around San Francisco with my camera and tripod in hand looking for something to capture. After hiking up a steep hill to the Nob Hill area, I saw a church that looked promising with the classic double towers on either side of the entrance. Kind of like Notre Dame if you know what I mean. People were going in so I followed along, dropped a donation in the offering box, and set up my tripod. The lady supervising inside was checking out my gear and ended up asking what I was doing. I told her I was just shooting pics for my travel blog. She asked if I was shooting video to which I truthfully responded, “No ma’am.” Once comfortable with my answers, she returned to her watch station and let me shoot away.

The picture above is what I ended up with. I’ll tell you, I can’t get enough of cathedral architecture. I think I could make a living traveling the world to capture the stunning interiors. In this particular shot, I like the contrast of the warm rooms on the left and right against the coolish upper areas of the main room of the cathedral. I also like the sparkles coming off of the lens from the stained glass windows in the upper story. I also like the wide angle effect on the columns and ceiling arches. If you take a look, the lens flare at the top center conveniently points down right to the cross! Please click the image for the the higher resolution version if you would like to see more detail.

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  1. AutumnLeaves says:

    This is stunning, Lee. Truly a gorgeous shot!

  2. Dana Cooper says:

    Lee, these travel shots don’t disappoint…beautiful!