Tales from the road – Bovine Bells Ringing in the Alps

| August 27, 2010
A fun surprise we found at Mannlichen

A fun surprise we found at Mannlichen

I’m confused. To be as accurate as possible, I looked up the definitions for various members of the bovine family and now I am really not sure what is what. Cattle, bulls, steer, oxen, yearlings and heifers – I can’t keep them all straight now. I am not sure what this guys situation is but what I can say is that he is one fine looking example of the breed. Plus, if I was a cow, bull, or whatever, this is the job location I would want. And be it Swiss cheese or chocolate, this is where I want production to begin. On top of the world with the best view and grass on the planet.

I took this photo yesterday while Donna and I were exploring the other side of the Lauterbrunnen Valley. We first took a moderately difficult two and a half hour hike down to Lauterbrunnen from Murren. It did not start out that difficult. All was a fine and dandy until we realized that at some point we were going to have to descend a few thousand feet over a not so lengthy distance. The trail was really well marked and maintained but I will admit by the time we reached to bottom we were ready to stop navigating steep grades. Plus, who works out like that everyday? We were pretty sore this morning but that did not stop us from going at it again in Brienz. On the upside, we saw incredible scenery filled with dramatic waterfalls and lush vegetation with plenty of time for photography.

Once we got to Lauterbrunnen, we took a train to Wengen and then a cable car to Mannlichen, where at 2235 meters you get a breathtaking view of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau all the way down to Grindelwald on one side and the Lauterbrunnen Valley on the other. This photo was taken as we walked along a ridge looking toward Grindelwald. I have some amazing shots of the whole experience to share but I will need to do a little work on them first after I get home. For now, above is a shot ripe for posting. I like the counter balance of our fine specimen against the peak in the background. I used a smaller f stop on the camera to create a shallower depth of field to get our guy in the foreground to pop a little. I also like the complimentary opposites going on between his orange-ish color and the blue sky and background.

Thanks for reading and the recent feedback on the pictures and updates. Tomorrow we are off to Montreux via the Golden Pass panoramic rail.


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  1. Lauren says:

    Hi Lee! Thanks so much for sharing the great pictures and stories from your travels. I am living vicariously through you right now, and you’re right, it wouldn’t be the worst thing to switch places with that cow!

  2. Nancie says:

    Wonderful view Lee, that’s for sharing your trip with us!

  3. AutumnLeaves says:

    Another fabulous shot, Lee. I’m with you on the place I’d like to be were I a cow. Every time I see Swiss Alp photos, I always think of a Happy Hollisters book I read as a kid. In it, the kids were in the Alps somewhere and they ate lunch with an alpine shepherd boy. Apparently there was a large wheel or wedge of some sort of cheese that was set overhanging a rock with a fire built below it that allowed it to soften/melt. In that, the kids dipped cold baked potatoes…

  4. Horst Hittenberger says:

    AutumnLeaves, my mouth start to water, the dish you are talking about is called Raclette, a delicious Swiss dish of melted cheese served over potatoes, pickles, and cocktail onions.
    Thanks Lee for the photos and writing.