Wanna come play in the back yard?

| July 11, 2010
santa monica beach houses

Santa Monica beach houses

While staying in Santa Monica last month, I came across this scene as I walked along the beach. I was intrigued by the rather flamboyant beach houses and how their colors seemed to be inspired by the amusement rides on the Santa Monica Pier. I also thought of how kids asking their friends to come over and play in the back yard takes on a whole new meaning here.

Sorry about the lack of painting these days. My travel schedule is making it difficult for me to keep a steady stream of practice going. I am not complaining but realize that many of the visitors to ADNW are painters. Thanks for sticking around. My photography is helping me keep the creative juices flowing until I am able to dedicate more time to the brushes. I somehow believe that my worldwide travel with serve as a sea of inspiration when I am able to paint on a daily basis.

Off to Vermont tomorrow and looking forward to Europe and Asia in August and September! Have a great week.

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  1. Lee,

    I’m embarrassed to ask, but could you tell me again what you do for a living? I’ve never seen someone with such a travel schedule! And I’m sure we talked about this earlier, but have you/are you taking painting lessons from anyone?

  2. AutumnLeaves says:

    I was going to ask the same question as Martyn (about your job). I think a job with lots of travel would be fabulous, at least as long as you don’t have kids at home, or pets. Then your wife could go along for the trips too! I suppose it seems a great gift when you do return home, too. Love this photo, Lee. I wonder how often today’s kids even go outside to play in the yard??? LOL

  3. Pam Holnback says:

    Love the photo. It’s like an outdoor color study! And, yes, your photos and travels will be inspiration for future paintings!