Helen Hunt Falls Photo

| July 17, 2010
helen hunt falls colorado springs

Helen Hunt Falls, Colorado Springs

After tasting some wedding cake with my son and his fiancee today, I took a drive over to Helen Hunt Falls in Cheyenne Canyon to try and capture a photo featuring moving water. I used a .9 neutral density filter on top of a circular polarizer so I could really slow the shutter down despite the bright midday sun. Neutral density filters are kind of like putting sun glasses on your lens so less light reaches the sensor. I also used f22 for the f-stop, which closes up the aperture and limits even more light from reaching the sensor. Put these things together and you get a long enough exposure to see the effect of the water moving over the falls. There were tons of people around so I had to sit and wait patiently for a clear shot. Seems pretty groovy to me and I am looking forward to taking more of this type of shot in the future. It is fun to continuously experiment with different situations so you are always ready to capture nifty shots in the field.


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  1. AutumnLeaves says:

    Absolutely beautiful, Lee. I love how you always include the ‘how to’s’ of your camera work. My husband loves it too!

  2. Lee says:

    I am hoping to do more photo tutorials in the near future. I am starting to get more confident in my skills and my “hit” rate on decent shots is going up. Once you get some shooting under your belt it really gets to be fun!