Carlsbad Sunrise

| July 28, 2010
carlsbad beach at sunrise

6:45am, 7-28-2010 – Carlsbad Sunrise

Not too much time to write tonight considering that I actually took the above shot at 6:30am this morning in California and landed in Denver at 6:30pm! I took a quick trip out to California this week and hoped to capture something nice before headed back home today. Monday and Tuesday did not work out so well because it was gloomy and overcast all day. This is something that I rarely experience when I visit Carlsbad!

When I got up this morning at about 5:45am, I took a quick peek outside and saw nicely formed cloud cover with some great color going on. So, I decided to forego the normal exercise routine and head outside to shoot a Carlsbad sunrise. As I was composing my shots, I payed particular attention to the simplicity of my composition and integrating some nice foreground for visual interest. As you can see, there are three primary masses to this picture and the beach line visually takes your eye though the picture. These are things we need to think about when we paint too!

Since this is an HDR photo made up of three exposures, the water can end up blurring a bit because the three exposures are taken in rapid succession – while the waves keep rolling in. To help minimize this effect and maintain the detail in the waves, I increased the ISO setting on the camera to 400 (similar to film speed on old film cameras), which allowed for a faster shutter speed and for the three exposures to be taken more quickly.  If things are not moving in my picture, I usually shoot at an ISO of 100 to minimize sensor noise in the photograph. An ISO of 400 speeds things up a bit without introducing too much noise. To help deal with any noise that does end up in my final photo, I use a professional noise reduction filter in photoshop that cleans most of it up.

It is truly a treat to be able to work in beautiful places. Business travel is much more fun when I can also make progress on my creative hobby while working at my destination!

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  1. AutumnLeaves says:

    Lee, this is absolutely breathtaking. It would be a gorgeous painting too. Stunning…I truly am awed…

  2. Susan Roux says:

    Quite an amazing sky! Lovely photograph. Given the choice of the gym or a photo shoot, I always choose the photo shoot…

  3. nancy says:

    Beautiful. Your right about the composition, the beach took me right through it!

  4. Lee says:

    Thanks so much! Nothing like the beach!