Weekly Travel Photo – Palace Hotel Garden Court

| May 12, 2010
garden court san francisco

Garden Court Dining Room at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco

I’m back from a quick three-day trip to San Francisco. This weekly photo is of the Garden Court dining room at the Palace hotel in San Francisco. The Palace is a very nice place to stay and it is conveniently located right on Market Street. I took this shot this in the middle of the afternoon when nobody was eating and there was a strangely familiar feel to it. After  thinking about it a while, I remembered that this room was as the location for the the climatic final scene in the movie “The Game” with Michael Douglas. I was actually in San Francisco many years ago when they were filming the movie! There was a huge production truck outside a building we were visiting and we asked the receptionist what was going on. She said they were filming a Michael Douglas movie. If you have not seen “The Game,” I highly recommend it. Sean Penn is in the flick as well and it is quite a ride!

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  1. AutumnLeaves says:

    What an astonishingly beautiful room! That glass ceiling is phenomenal!