Trying to Peel the Social Networking Onion

| May 7, 2010

In the old days, it was, “Here is my nifty content and I will give it to you how I choose.”  Well the tables have been turned to, “Here is my content and I will give it to you how you want it.” Uh, that could mean in in a magazine, through your Internet browser, on your phone, on your iPad, within your facebook account, in blog form, and who knows what else. The ad execs of yesteryear had time for two martini lunches because it was not all that difficult to get the message out. The focus was on creative because execution, putting it simply, was merely figuring which of the major networks you would run on and deciding which of the handful of popular magazines would give you access to the right demographic. Once everybody was connected to the internet, the task got much more difficult. Today, people want their content when and how they want it.

I blog because I love it. It is something that is uniquely mine that I can do with whatever I like. There is no one standing over my shoulder tell me what to do and how to do it. It is quite liberating to do something just because you love it. That said, it makes it even more fun if someone actually reads what you write. I suppose we all crave attention in some way and the Internet has dramatically expanded our ability to get it. Facebook has become a powerful force in the social networking game and, with over 400 million subscribers, you would hard pressed to find a more effective means to attract attention. So, to that end, I have decided to bring ADNW to Facebook in an attempt to find additional enthusiasic people with similar interests. If you are already on Facebook and would like to see ADNW postings there, please click “Like” in the Facebook Social Widget in the far right column, or click “Follow this Blog” in the NetworkedBlogs box just below that.

Basically I have two Facebook areas. One is my personal area and the other is a public page for ADNW. I think this arrangement will work well because the ADNW Facebook page will stay realtively on topic in the spirit of the site, which is art, travel and creative endeavors. Feedback is always appreciated and if you would like me to share with you how I set this up on Facebook, just ask!

A thank you goes out to Julie Hill for alerting me to the potenial of NetworkedBlogs on Facebook!

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  1. AutumnLeaves says:

    Definitely it will be a way to reach more people, Lee. I wsn’t thrilled with Facebook though and took myself off of the site.

  2. Love facebook! Although, why do you have a .com and not a blogspot site? I forget about you at times as I have my blogs I follow saved and I scan them as they are updated…

  3. Lee says:

    Good question Margaret! I chose a .com site so I could install the open source version of WordPress on my own server solution. Although Blogger and sites are pretty robust, they are very limited from a scripting and programming standpoint. WordPress has thousands of open plugins that I can use to customize my site. What I can’t do myself, I conveniently have a son who is a php programmer to do the rest.

    Are you using Google reader? You can always add my url to the subscription box and get the feed that way. Google reader is what I use to aggregate my favorite content from multiple sources. I check it daily. I’m sad that you forget about the site from time to time but am very glad you come back from time to time! I guess in the end that I felt the world was going to be a bit bigger than Blogger and, as this post suggests, we need to try and figure out how to cross navigate the multitide of options that are out there to deliver our content.

    Thanks as always for the comment!

    Hi Sherry. I too have gone back and forth on FB but feel like it will continue to be a force to deal with. What were your reasons for leaving it? I think I may know why but am curious to know!

  4. Julie Hill says:

    Lee..yaye for you….As myself am new to FB…not sure exactly what I am doing…stumbling along with the help of fellow artists like yourself. I just added “like” button to my blog postings…still not sure how that is different than “share button” I already have….except the like button allows users to post links onto their own page for all their friends to see your blog, and then stores it in the “likes page” section of their profile page (instead of getting buried in the “news feed”. Hmmmm does it ever stop….