May 2010 Challenge Study – Oil on Panel

| May 9, 2010
May Challenge Study - 6x6, oil on panel

May Challenge Study – 6×6, oil on panel

I am leaving for San Francisco in the morning so I wanted to try and get a study of the May painting challenge in before I left. This really did not take too long and I am happy with the result. I painted this as a relatively quick study from a cropped version of the larger challenge photo in my prior post. If you would like to see a few interim progress shots I took with my iPhone, just check out the ADNW Facebook page, which can be accessed from the Facebook box in the right hand menu column.

To start, I drew a tight sketch on a 6×6 inch Gessobord panel and then sprayed it with some workable fixatif to lock the drawing in place. The initial drawing is very important and I find that the time spent getting the drawing right pays high dividends in the end. I then broke out the paint and my American Painter brushes to block in the halftones for each of the objects. I was not too concerned with exact color at this point because I knew I would be painting over the thinly applied halftones with more accurate notes once I started rendering the forms of the objects. I really liked starting with the halftones and subsequently working toward the highlights and shadows. It seemed that with every shift toward the value extremes, the piece gathered more depth and became more interesting visually. It was also fun painting the reflections in the copper because the reflections become more meaningful as the reflected items around the pot are placed. I found that careful blocking (staying in the lines) was very helpful for keeping the colors clean later. You can always soften edges later if you like but I find it difficult to sharpen them after the color of one object starts mixing with another early in the game.

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  1. Wow this is good. Just lacks a signature. Hopefully mine will be done by the end of May 🙂 I’m attempting the entire work. Since it’s only the second still life I’ve ever tried, we’ll see if I submit it or not lol.

    A “subscribe to comments” plugin (try this one?) would be great here.

  2. Lee says:

    Thank you Julie and Martyn!

    The signature will go on after it dries. I would hate to ruin a decent painting with a bad signature. Once dry, I can wipe of the signature if I don’t like it.

    Rocks, mountains, faces or apples. They are all really just abstract objects. I think you will do fine Martyn. Give it a go and don’t be afraid to submit. It is how we all learn. I always try to take away a victory from each painting no matter how small it is sometimes!

    Have a good week.

  3. AutumnLeaves says:

    Gorgeous work, Lee. The frame highlights the subjects and palette so very beautifully! Have a safe and wonderful trip!

  4. Dean says:

    Your care in the drawing stage really payed off.
    I like the crop and composition. The reflections are especially well done.

  5. Pam Holnback says:

    Great reflections!

  6. Jo Simmons says:

    I’ll be able to say I knew you before you became a famous artist! Lee Brown…multi-talented artist from Colorado; loved and respected by all who know him, particularly elderly people in OK (part of a growing national trend)! I need to buy something now while I can afford it!

  7. Lee says:

    Thanks Sherry. I am kind of liking the addition of the frames too. I take a picture of the frame separately and composite the painting and frame images in Photoshop. I also add a subtle drop shadow to increase the realism too. I will post a tutorial on how to do it soon.

    Thank you Dean. The more I work on drawing accurately the more I like the results. I guess I will keep doing it!

    Thanks for the comment Pam. I hope we don’t get any more snow!

    Hi Jo. Welcome to blogville. You are far from elderly in both reality and spirit! Thanks as always for your very kind comments!

  8. Rodica Voicu says:

    Wonderful! The reflections and the warm colours are more than beautiful. The pot is excellent!

  9. Lee says:

    Thanks so much Rodica!

  10. Debbie says:

    Great painting and great advice.

  11. The luscious strokes on the lemon and metal are very appealing, and oh! that frame! It’s gorgeous and exactly the right thing to enhance this painting.

  12. Lee says:

    Thanks Lesley, you are too kind! Thanks for participating in the challenge again!

  13. Lee says:

    Thanks Debbie and welcome to ADNW! Thanks for your participation in the challenge too. It’s more fun when folks send their art in!