Weekly Travel Photo – Paris Rooftops

| April 2, 2010
paris rooftops

Paris Rooftop from the Île Saint-Louis

This week’s travel photo installment is of the view from our hotel room in Paris on the Île Saint-Louis. If you ever go to Paris, I highly recommend that you stay on the Île Saint-Louis, which is one of two natural islands in the Seine river. As Wikipedia so eloquently says, it is a peaceful oasis of calm in the busy Paris centre, the island has narrow one-way streets, no métro stations and two bus stops. Most of the island is residential, but there are several restaurants, shops, cafés and ice cream parlours at street level, as well as one large church. It is also just down the street from Notre Dame de Paris, which resides on the other island. If you are planning a trip, the hotel is called Hôtel de Lutèce. It is fabulous!

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  1. AutumnLeaves says:

    Gosh, that is a photo, Lee? Sometimes it is hard to tell because I can see the differences of color in the building edifice (up front) and in the roof tiles on the rear building! Reminds me of most excellent watercolor work. Now this is my kind of rooftop scene, truly. It brings back images in my head of old movie scenes…such as ‘The Little Princess’ with Shirley Temple, one of the Disney movies when they show a shot out an upper window of the roofscapes…Just truly a gorgeous and full of interest photo here! (April challenge???)