Tales from the Road – Scottsdale Art Auction

| April 5, 2010
Jay Moore at the Scottsdale Art Auction and more!

Jay Moore at the Scottsdale Art Auction and more!

OK, surprise number one was seeing my best friend from sixth grade on the plane to Phoenix. I had not seen him in about 20 years! Surprise number two, seeing the auction version of my last painting acquisition at the Scottsdale Art Auction! I knew this painting was going to auction because Jay Moore was working on it around the time he was giving his large canvas demonstration last November. My version, which is an 18×24, served as the intermediate step for this larger 30×40 for the auction. I absolutely fell in love with the painting when I saw it and had to wait about a month to get it while he finished this one up. The auction estimate for this painting is between $10,000 and $15,000 and I hope he gets it! The gallery representative said that she was sure the painting would go as there has been a very good response to the work. You can also see this painting on the front cover of the March issue of Western Art Collector Magazine as well.

Western Art Collector – March 2010

Oh, I also saw a Richard Schmid still life for $30,000 to $40,000 and a few Clyde Aspevig’s to boot! What a great surprise to see so much great work in a single setting. I have to say that I really enjoyed seeing Scott Christensen’s work in person too. His large pieces read really nicely from a distance and reveals more abstract forms up close. If I was buying today, the Schmid and Scott’s work would be at the top of the list. I would have to stop by the Old Scottsdale Bank and Trust first though!

Scottsdale is the place to buy art. The town has an amazing selection of some fine quality work. I am pretty sure it will warrant a trip down in the car the next time I am feeling weak for a new piece. I was able to see a few artists that I did not know like Bruce Cheever and Mike Malm. Bruce’s work is finished in a very interesting way using creative brushwork and layers of glazing. Mike’s work caught my eye and it seemed like a very good value for the size and quality. I encourage you to Google them to see their work. Legacy Gallery and Trailside Gallery both feature work by Matt Smith, which I especially liked too.

Well that’s it for now. Off to Sedona tomorrow in pursuit of the next ADNW painting challenge photo!

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  1. AutumnLeaves says:

    I love how Moore handled that water; it is stunning! Hah! I can’t give my pieces away and he commands that much for a painting! That is so impressive! You know you’ve arrived when! Happy Sedona trip today, Lee!