Weekly Travel Photo – Red Barn

| March 23, 2010

I’ll admit that I did not have to go far for this one. Two weeks ago I went to Denver to meet with an online advertising agency so I took my camera and tripod to take a picture of the Union Station train building in the LoDo District of Denver while I was there for lunch. The bummer was, the the light that day was really flat and all my enthusiasm for taking the picture was dashed. Feeling defeated that I was not bringing something home on the camera, I scoured the countryside while driving the I-25 corridor back to Monument for something interesting to shoot. Fortunately for me, Douglas County, which is just north of my house, has been buying up land between Monument and Denver and reserving it as open space. At one of those locations, about 15 minutes south of Monument Hill, was this nifty red barn. Not being able to resist, I took the next exit and made my way to the prize.

When I arrived, I was a tad freaked out because there was another car in a remote area of the parking lot with a person sitting in the…back seat! Who does that? Once I was confident he was alive and that my tripod would provide adequate protection, I intelligently chose to park in another area of the lot and go about my business. While heading down to the barn to take the shot, I suddenly realized that I was not fully prepared for such an expedition when the backless Merrill shoes I was wearing proceeded to get sucked off of my feet as I walked through the deepish snow. Once my feet were wet, what was the difference? I continued. The back of the barn was in pretty bad shape so I walked around to the front, which was perfect! Despite the flat light, I was rather happy with the way this turned out. There is something about the texture of worn out stuff that makes for a cool photo, particularly in the right setting. I thought the sky turned out rather nifty too with the subtle glow on the horizon and around the roof line.

Donna and I are heading to the John Mayer concert in Denver tonight  and I plan pinpoint the precise location during our drive up for anyone that wants to paint the barn en plein air. It seems like a great location to get the easel out and spend a couple of hours.

I am planning to post a travel photo once a week to keep myself motivated to keep creating and looking for interesting subject matter. I hope you enjoy them!

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  1. AutumnLeaves says:

    Gosh, Lee! That is a photo?? I thought it was a beautiful painting! Six of one, half a dozen of another? It is a quite delightful photo; the reds perfect against the dry grasses and snow. I absolutely adore those slightly overcast days. They lend beautifully to capture truer colors!

  2. Lokelani says:

    Beautiful barn. Is it a photo or a painting? If it is a painting it is beautifully done.

  3. Lee says:

    Sorry for the confusion. Yes it is a photo. I am beginning to realize that my pursuit of painting is influencing my photography in a big way. I am not sure how often they cross paths but I am really enjoying the convergence. Thanks for the comments as they are always appreciated!