Pauline Chapel Sketch

| March 14, 2010
Initial Sketch for Pauline Chapel Painting

Initial Sketch for Pauline Chapel Painting

Is it me or would it seem impossible to wing this? I made a few mistakes in the process of drawing the chapel while giving it my full attention. I can’t imagine heading right into this piece without setting the bones in place first. I had to get a three -foot piece of aluminum angle from the garage to project the perspective plane to the left vanishing point. Thinking about the vanishing points really helped me keep the perspective in check and I think the drawing is better for it. I am sure I will need a few more miles of canvas under my belt before drawing with a brush will come to me as second nature. Anyway, I think the mistakes are mostly fixed to my satisfaction except for the roofline on the face of the chapel, which I will fix when I start painting. Now for the fun stuff! I will first give this a coat of workable fixative spray to lock down my two hours of sketching and then I plan to put a warm wash down to tone the canvas. I will start and hope to finish painting today!

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  1. Courtney says:

    I just love you work! I am getting married in Pauline chapel and have been unable to find a painting of it for sale. I was wondering if you are selling your original or copies? It’s so pretty. Email me if you are, or if you know any local artists that may be able to paint me this plus one or two more things around the colorado springs area. Thank you greatly!