Mystery Boat Oil Painting

| March 20, 2010
Mystery Boat - 9x12, Oil on Linen

Mystery Boat – 9×12, Oil on Linen

Honestly, I’m not trying to be cute with the title. It’s just that I can’t really name this until at least a few folks take a guess as to the where this boat is and what it is used for. I have a lonely apron upstairs waiting for a home. I know this is a tough one but if you have been to this place the boat is pretty identifiable. The thing that prompted me to take the original photo of this boat was the furniture-like finish on the deck and that is why I painted it. I literally felt like pulling out the linens and setting up for dinner on this thing. They are quite beautiful and very useful. Alright, I’ll give you a hint. Donna and I rode in one of these and if you search the blog you can figure it out. I know, It’s a lot of work for a silly apron but think of how many shirts and pairs of jeans you will save in the future.

The reflections on the deck were a bit of a challenge to pull off but I like the way they turned out. Once I got my bearings things went pretty smoothly with gradual tweaks here and there to get it to read right. I also wanted to get the luminosity in the water to work. I love the submerged part of the hull and how the greenish water tints the white paint on the boat. I really tried to keep my colors clean on this one. I worked each section at a time – cleaning my brushes as I moved from one section to another. In total, this took about 10 hours with the initial sketch and a simple section by section toning of the canvas.

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  1. AutumnLeaves says:

    Gosh, Lee. I haven’t a clue but I have to agree it sure is a beautiful boat! I am always drawn to the old, yet well polished wooden boats. This painting truly exemplifies just why that is so. You’ve done a magnificent job here; almost as if it were you polishing all that beautiful wood! Love how you captured that bit of murkiness that always seems to be in the waters where boats tie up. A gorgeous painting, and still another that makes me long for a bit warmer weather!

  2. Dean says:

    This is a well done painting. Love the reflective hardwood deck.
    I’m not much good at recognizing boats…but here’s my wild guess: A lobster boat from Boston??

  3. Lauren says:

    Looks like a Chris Craft!

  4. Randy says:

    A wonderful painting you have there sir. Very nice! I thought it was one of your photos when I saw the thumbnail.
    I love the orange shadow on the deck with the planks cutting into it. Also the water color and the wood at the front nose is sweet.Did you paint it like the house?

    My guess is it’s the boat that took you to the airport when you left Italy?

  5. Perry says:

    You nailed this one Lee. Great reflections on the teak planks.

  6. Lee says:

    Thanks for all the comments! Randy is correct. The boat is a Venice water taxi. We took a ride in one back to the Venice airport across the lagoon. It gets you there in 23 minutes flat with no traffic!

    Lauren, I looked up the Chris Craft and they are pretty sweet looking boats too! There is something about nicely crafted boats in the water. The design and craftsmanship gets me every time.

    Randy, yes I did use a similar process to the house painting although I toned each section with the dominant color for that section and not a single tone across the entire canvas. Green for the water, orange for the boat deck and so on. I also did a pretty tight sketch to keep the drawing accurate. It really simplifies things so you and just focus on colors, values and transitions between them.

    Thanks Sherry and yes, I am looking forward to warmer weather too. I have a feeling yours is a little more bitter than ours right now so I should not complain to loudly!