Boat Sketch – Guess where and what

| March 20, 2010
Initial boat sketch, 9x12 on linen

Initial boat sketch, 9×12 on linen

There it is, just sitting there patiently waiting full of promise and potential. This is today’s project and I can’t wait to get the brushes out. I’m sure you can tell it’s of a boat. You just need to tell me where it is and for what primary purpose it is used for to get a famous (well at least nifty) ADNW artist apron. Answering, “In a lake and floating in water,” does not count! I’ve decided that draftsmanship is of utmost importance when starting a painting project. I spent about an hour laying this out and believe it or not I have a couple of corrections to make before starting in with the brushes. The lower part of the front hull is about a quarter inch too deep and the roof is about an eighth of an inch too thick on the right. These are easy changes that I will make before applying fixative to lock the drawing in place.

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  1. Perry says:

    Yesterday was “March Sadness”; we received 8″ of snow too. I am ready for spring!