A Quick Visit to Munich and Austria

| January 22, 2010

Visit to Munich and Austria Highlights

Below are photos of our quick visit to Munich and Southern Bavaria that inspired our desire to visit Switzerland. The first is a photo of interesting contrasts that I took while visiting the central square in Munich and the Dachau Concentration Camp, which is about 25 minutes by car from the square.

marienplatz munich

Marienplatz present and past

It was fascinating to just have been in the square hours earlier and then receive such a stark reminder of the past when I saw the historical photo on the right at the camp. The day we visited Dachau clouds rolled in and out and there was hardly anyone there – a fitting mood for the somber realities of the place. I got chills and felt a wave of emotion preparing the photo below for the blog. I guess I should not be surprised, now that I have visited the camp, how much emotion can be stirred by such a simple image.

dachau concentration camp germany

The gatehouse into Dachau prision compound

Then there was Salzburg. Equipped with my pocket Garman, we had a great time flying through the Bavarian countryside on the Autobahn at up to 120 miles per hour on our way to Austria. And yes, there were people passing me. We were only there for a few days and really enjoyed the time we had. We visited shops on the very street that Mozart was born and hiked up to Hohensalzburg Castle, which is almost 1000 years old and towers above the old part of the city.

hohensalzburg castle

Hohensalzburg Castle

I love architecture and Salzburg, as is much of Europe, is full of wonderful examples of its potential creativity. Below is just one frame of inspiration!

salzburg rooftops

The rooftops of Salzburg

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  1. AutumnLeaves says:

    Lee, that castle is so beautiful. What a fabulous painting that would make, especially with the backdrop of those beautiful mountains. Arizona is also beautiful; I lived in Tucson for two years while in the Air Force. You and Donna have something so wonderful to look forward to!! Enjoy!!

  2. Chris Wray says:

    Sounds like an awesome itinerary! The Swiss and Italian Alps are truly breathtaking. I visited this region of Europe nearly a quarter century ago during a geological field trip, and their grander still resonates in my memory. Geologically speaking, the formation of the Swiss Alps are relatively young–only about 100 million years old. They are the result of tectonic movement: a collision of the European and African plates. The soft layers of the Cretaceous ocean sediment (what is now limestone and dolomite) were compressed and folded as they were slowly thrust upwards.

    Truly God’s country. You’ll come away inspired–with a wealth of fodder for new landscape paintings!

  3. AutumnLeaves says:

    What wonderful additional photos. When I lived in Tacoma, a lady I worked with was a Dachau survivor. She was not Jewish but from a country (Latvia) that was invaded by Hitler’s army. I knew because I had asked her about her tattoo. She never could discuss the time she spent there and always teared up when empathy arrived. There really are no words…I too love beautiful and old architecture. Europe is magnificent with it. I think another reason I love the city of Chicago so much; the architecture in the old buildings is amazing.

  4. Lee says:

    Hi Sherry. Thanks for checking out the pictures. The trip to Southern Bavaria was really fun. The weather actually made it seem more cozy if you know what I mean. I can’t image what your friend must have went through. We learned while visiting the camp that Gypsies among many others were also victims. I hope you are having a great Sunday!

    Thanks for the comments Chris and for the geological perspective!