Ponte Vecchio Sketch

| October 25, 2009
ponte vecchio sketch

Sketch for Ponte Vecchio Oil on Canvas

Time to get back to the business of painting. I have taken quite a break due to my trip and then recovering at work. I am sure some of you know how it goes! Well, I hope I don’t drive myself batty with detail on this one. This picture, which was taken from a photo reference I took in Florence of the Ponte Vecchio, has a ton of wonderful light/shadow and warm/cool possibilities. Before putting paint down, I thought it was important to carefully draw the structure of the painting…particularly the perspective. I have read over and over again that a bad drawing can kill an otherwise good painting. The fun will be to try and render the bridge without overdoing it. I plan to focus on laying in the shadow first and then the light as large masses. I will then break up the masses within the light and shadow to create interest. I want the focal point to be the multicolored block of structures in the right third of the picture. I plan to mute the colors away from this area and gradually reduce the detail as I move away from the focal point. Well here goes! I will post a few progress pictures as I go along. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

Category: Fine Art and Painting