Ponte Vecchio Giclée Prints Arrive

| October 18, 2009
ponte vecchiop prints

Ponte Vecchio Giclee Print on Satin Canvas

I was pretty psyched when my first ever Giclée on canvas prints arrived this week. After posting my stylized photo of the Ponte Vecchio a week ago, I had a request for a limited print! I have wanted to make a giclée on canvas for quite a while now and this seemed like a great opportunity to give it a try. I found an output service close to Colorado Springs called Giclée Print Net. They are located in Pueblo, Colorado, and they have an online image management and output service called terajet.com that can print on a variety of high quality surfaces. I did not even have to call them to get the job done. The system is pretty slick and easy to use. For the Ponte Vecchio print, I chose their satin canvas. The color match to my 30″ Apple Cinema display is spot on and the image output quality is fantastic. See below for an up-close detail shot of the output.

ponte vecchio print detail

Ponte Vecchio Giclee on Canvas Detail

I am going to mount these on 3/16″ Gatorboard and then have custom frames made to give them the finishing touch. Miracle Muck from Raphael’s was recommended by a professional artist friend as a great way to mount canvas on Gatorboard. He and many other established artists use Miracle Muck to mount primed canvas on Gator as a painting ground. Gatorboard is very stable and stays dead straight, and when dry, Miracle Muck is essentially inert since it is a tough, permanently flexible polymer film.

miracle muck

Miracle Muck

I will post the final results after I get the frames made. Since the blog review rules are getting more strict, it’s probably appropriate for me to say that I have not received any free products in connection with the mention of the products or services in today’s post.

UPDATE: I mounted the prints to 3/16 inch Gatorboard last night with great success. I applied the Miracle Muck to the back of the print with a brush and then applied it to the Gatorboard. You must apply weight to the panel overnight on a flat surface so the panel dries flat. The moisture from the Miracle Muck will cause one side of the Gatorboard to expand and the panel will warp. If you apply the weight while it dries, the panel dries flat and stays that way!

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  1. Randy says:

    Once again I need to say how beautiful your photos are. I think this “limited” print run is begging to be extended!

    I would be shocked if you couldn’t find another outlet for these.

  2. Lee says:

    Thanks, I really enjoyed taking these and like looking for the best ones to show. I am thinking of working on a line of Italy prints that I can frame and display in a unique way. Should be fun and who knows, maybe I can sell a few in the process!

  3. Lauren says:

    Lee- the photo looks great – now we just have to decide where to put it! Thanks again, we love it.

  4. Lee says:

    So glad Lauren. Nice seeing you yesterday and meeting the rest of the family. Tank too!