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| October 20, 2009
andrew loomis creative illustration

Creative Illustration by Andrew Loomis

I was reading a post today on Stapleton Kearns’ blog about Andrew Loomis and his book series on drawing. The books are out of print and can be quite expensive to own so I did a search online to find the best price. As a result of my search, I found a site called Scribd that has tons of out of print books for legal download and online reading. They even have a service that allows you to publish and charge for your own literary works. If you search on Andrew Loomis, you will find several of his books that are wonderful readings on the art of drawing. I plan to dig into them this weekend since I have been thinking that I really need to  work on my drawing skills to improve my paintings. Below is a sample page from his book “Creative Illustration.”

andrew loomis book page

Page from Creative Illustration

The book is over 400 pages long and covers a plethora of topics that can help us improve our drawing, composition, and painting skills. I can’t wait to get started and wanted to make this quick post in case you are interested in this time-tested training material at an incredibly low price!

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  1. Liz says:

    Thank you so much for this post…what an excellent resource! Your blog is quite a find as well; I look forward to seeing more 🙂