Liz Holm, A True Artist’s Friend!

| September 16, 2009
liz holm artist

The lovely Liz Holm showing of her apron and crafty scissor work!

Frederick, Maryland painter Liz Holm is a wonderfully talented artist that goes out of her way to encourage others in their artistic pursuits. Liz was among the first to stop by ADNW to offer words of support. If you have not visited the Liz Holm Painting Journal, you should. Two of my favorite pieces are showing on her front page, which are portraits of an older man and a young girl at a wedding. They are beautifully done and much can be learned by taking a close look at them. Well, Liz stopped by my blog not too long ago and asked jokingly where she could place an order for an apron. That was all I needed to get myself up off of the couch to package one up and pop it in the mail. Liz was kind enough to send a photo of herself sporting her apron along with some very crafty scissor work. That alone should tell you how creative she is. Thanks again Liz for all you do to encourage others and keep painting. We are all looking forward to seeing your next piece!


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  1. Randy says:

    The giant smiles are becoming contagious!
    Looking good Liz!

  2. Lee says:

    Fun huh! I wonder who my next victim will be? I need to get a couple of ADNW Passion Awards done first though!

  3. liz says:

    Shucks, thanks, Lee. You are too kind. I just watched Edward Scizzorhands, so was feeling unusually inspired. 😉
    Something tells me that you and your couch have only a passing acquaintance.
    Hi, Randy! So if Randy’s got IFPAA boxers, I’ll need to get going on Painting Journal PJ’s.

    safe travels, and thanks again.