“Castlewood Cascade” Oil Painting

| August 18, 2009
“Castlewood Cascade” - 9×12 Oil on Linen

“Castlewood Cascade” – 9×12 Oil on Linen

After taking two weeks off from painting due to traveling to both coasts in two weeks, it was fun to get back to the brushes. This painting was inspired by my hike in Castlewood Canyon a couple of weeks ago. I originally thought this painting was going to be all about the water but came to realize during the process how fascinated I was by the unique abstract shapes that were created by the sunlit portions of the rocks. I like the dominant blues in this piece and the freshness of the water with reflections from the sun. For the most part, I feel like the piece captures the sun drenched atmosphere that I felt at the park that day.

Category: Fine Art and Painting

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  1. Janell Westveer says:

    So, when do these lovely pieces of artwork become available for sale? I think I should invest early before they start getting too expensive! You are a gifted artist. All this from the guy who made me laugh in math!

  2. Lee says:

    Thanks for visiting Janell. Hmmmm…selling my art. I will have to at some point if there are interested buyers as I can store only so many panels and have a finite amount of available wall space. I hope to get to a point where i feel comfortable setting up an online store. In the mean time I have given a few away to friends and family. Guess what? You are on the list! Thanks for the kind words and I hope you have a happy birthday today!