Rewiring My Brain for Fine Art

| July 10, 2009
3D ender of Mac Mini

3D Render of Mac Mini

As fruitful as my professional career has been, I feel it has created a few challenges with my transition to fine art. I am not complaining. I know that having spent endless hours laying out brochures, designing logos and rendering 3D graphics has helped me make progress in my fine art pursuits. The problem is all my work on the Mac has wired my brain for detail and precision. Basically, I have spent about 20 years spinning and re-spinning concepts until I am thrilled with them or run out of time under deadline. As a result, I seem to fight to allow feeling and emotion to take over my in my oil paintings. I could just accept my leanings and focus on photorealistic painting but I don’t feel that I would be expanding my artistic horizons. Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at and admire photoreal paintings. Just check out Daniel Sprick’s work if you want to be blown away. Anyway, I will continue to strive to reach a new place with my art and keep practicing. I look forward to the day when I consistently turn out pieces that I like and feel like I have achieved my artistic objectives.

The image above is a project I did for fun to learn the latest version of Lightwave 3D. 3D is a wonderful invention that has allowed me to create photorealistic models that can be spun in any direction for my advertising projects. I am so in my element when I am working in 3D. I do the model building and the computer does all the painting. Instead of pushing paint around the canvas, I push buttons to get the computer to do what I want. If the lighting is not right, I just move the lights, tweak the surfaces and hit render. It is quite fun really and the results can be very satisfying. I don’t do much of this anymore now that oil paining is my primary pursuit. I do, however, get the urge from time to time to satisfy my predisposition to get into the detail!

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