Mount Gould Painting

| July 5, 2009
mount gould oil painting

“Mount Gould View” – 11×14, Oil on Linen on Board

This is my Fourth of July painting. Thank goodness for three-day weekends because I needed the extra time to redo the mountain on this Mount Gould painting three times! Rocks, especially big ones, intimidate me. I spent about half the time on this just tweaking the value relationships on the rocks and trees to try and get them right before investing a ton of time rendering the mountain. I worked on this two successive days with relatively long intra-day breaks. I feel like the breaks allowed me to rest a bit and make better decisions when I went back to work on the piece. Between sessions, I also poured over Stacey Peterson, John Taft and Clyde Aspevig’s web sites to review their technique and choices. I found myself making progressive changes, some which were big, that I feel got me to a better place with the piece. In all, breaking up the masses within the mountain while allowing it read as a single total mass was the biggest challenge.

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  1. This turned out really nice with the lighting on the mountain done really well!

    I’m sure John and Clyde’s work were more instructional than mine – hehe 😉 I do that too – go look for inspiration when I’m stuck…

  2. Lee says:

    Thanks Stacey. You deserve more credit. Your painting “A View from the Top” has a great sense of atmosphere that I would like to capture in my own work. I visit often to look at it and have seen it in person. I like the notion that one can communicate such a vast expanse on a 30×40 inch area. That takes talent!