“Autumn Aspen” Oil Painting

| July 26, 2009
”Autumn Aspen” - 8×10, Oil on Linen on Board

”Autumn Aspen” – 8×10, Oil on Linen on Board

I really did not plan to paint this weekend. On top of being totally crazy at work, fitting in a concert at Red Rocks on Thursday, taking in a major league baseball game on Friday, and a memorial service on Saturday, I was pretty worn out and was looking forward to a weekend of not doing much. Well Sunday rolled around and and I started having withdrawal! So, about 2pm today, I decided to do something quick to keep the gears greased. My goal was to work relatively fast and keep the brushwork loose while creating a fairly realistic look. I am still struggling a bit with the loose brushwork but it seems to get easier every time. Funny how that works! I hope everyone has a great week!

Category: Fine Art and Painting

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  1. Lauren Maurer says:

    Really nice job- I love the brushwork!

  2. Lee says:

    Thanks Lauren! I have always liked the layered bark in this picture and it was fun to try and capture it with bolder brush strokes than I am used to. I appreciate you stopping by and providing the feedback. I enjoyed your sites and work as well!